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Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas to Choose From
Planning to start a home-based business, but don't know which one is the right for you? Well, here are eight legitimate and popular home-based businesses you can choose from. They are consultancy, virtual assistance, personal assistance, pet sitting, bookkeeping, website design/developing, repair services, and freelance writing. Each of these ideas was explained briefly, including some tips, the expertise you need, along with some useful resources that can help you start once you have made a choice. In addition, this article has helpful reminders how to stay away from scams.

45 Home-Based Business Ideas for Moms
If you are one of those stay-at-home moms who want to have your own business at home, this huge list at home-based business ideas at TheSelfEmployed.com is worth checking. Among them are being artist, blogger, bookkeeper, bridal consultant, business plan writer, cake decorator, career or life coach, children's book writer, copywriter, event planner, fitness trainer, freelance writer, graphic designer, image consultant, menu planner, online teacher, virtual assistant, and many more. In most these businesses, you will need an Internet connection and a reliable computer. Not to mention, you will need some trainings and expertise so you can attract more clients.

Organizing a Home Office
Some common organizational techniques apply not only to home offices, but also to other areas of the house, such as kitchens and closets: keep the things you use most often within easy reach; have a place for everything and be sure that it is replaced after each use; store items in a way that makes the best use of space, etc. Other techniques apply more to office space and it is these that this article discusses. There are also different departments that take care of details such as supplies, bookkeeping and advertising that, in a home office, become our responsibility. Sections include location, size, accessibility, filing, setting apart and organization aids. A few links that make home office set-up a breeze are included.

101 Secrets of Successful Home-Based Businesses
Running a home-based business has ups and down. Unless you have no idea on the different strategies on dealing with problems, you will never be a successful home-based business owner. Buy no worries, AllBusiness.com reveals the one hundred and one so-called secrets of successful home-based business owners and training experts, including Craig Wolfe, founder of CelebriDucks, and personal coach Stephanie Staples. Most of these techniques are very easy and do not really require you to spend money. This includes creating a work environment you feel good in, keeping your overhead to a minimum, and building a strong team.

Freelancers Union
This organization provides information about joining the freelance union is available, as are new health plans and good companies to freelance for. Information about work-at-home and freelance jobs is also posted with events and resources. This organization represents the needs and concerns of America's growing independent workforce through advocacy, information and service. Best companies to freelance for are also noted and listed.

Home Office Life
Home office life includes tips such as marketing your home-based business, organizing your home office, public relations, customer service, using technology, business plans, balancing your personal life, and enhancing your business. Home office resources include telecommuting books, business support websites, home office books and more. A question and answer section is available, where the site owner answers questions about business functioning, products and home office software.

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