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10 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms on About.com
If you are a mom and you want to work at home, choosing which home-based business is right for you can be confusing as there are tons of them top choose from. But to give you an idea, here are 10 home-based business ideas at About.com. They are the following: Operating a day care center, gift basket making, affiliate marketing, pet services, scrapbook making, selling of homemade baked goods, nanny service, image consulting, wine consultant, and online or Internet business. The article has some explanation about each of them, along with useful resources. But besides the expertise you need, some of them may require you to have a license.

Time Management in the Home Office
This article from informit.com offers advice and tips on better time management for those who work out of the home. Includes advice on shipping, mailing, sending business flowers, paying bills on-line, and setting up your body clock to be most effective. Other tips include advice on scheduling leisure time, quiet time, productive time, and planning time.

Work at Home for Moms
This message board on iVillage covers all the first questions and answers, offering advice for those thinking of starting a home-based business. You'll find a lot of advice and information on a wide range of topics both general (e.g., handling work distractions, balancing work and family, dealing with clients) and specific, such as bookkeeping, advertising, writing a business plan, types of Christmas cards to send to clients, and much more. iVillage also has a lot of articles on tarting a business, if you just run a search. You'll find articles rankings from how to become a WFH accountant/bookkeeper to how to decide what kind of business best suits you.

Answers to Your Home-Based Business Questions
Jim Blasingame, the self-proclaimed "small business advocate," offers advice on starting and maintaining a home-based business, on topics such as choosing an accountant, choosing a lawyer, checking out business opportunities, becoming an independent contractor, pricing, stress management, publicity, and your professional image.

Buying Bulk Mail Software Isn't Enough: Tracking Results is Also Important
Find out how a business owner who is planning to send out 120,000 pieces in a series of mass mailings over the course of a year should implement testing to determine the success of the bulk mailing program. Discover why the mailing list should be cleaned regularly using postal software, as well as the average number for "undeliverable" items in a direct mail campaign.

Home Based Businesses
The U.S.A. Home Based Business Information Superhighway was established to help home-managed businesses, survive the shift to a global economy and to permit full participation. The National Association of Home Based Businesses (NAHBB) has established an Intranet HomeSite System for home-managed businesses. The U.S.A. Home Based Business Information Superhighway combined three of the fastest-growing segments of the US economy: home based businesses, on-line communication services, and business information databases. Topics include global business and trade, the national register, secondary career options, state companion sites and a computer distribution program.

Home Business Links
A directory of websites that include home business opportunities including stuffing envelops, and investing. The website also includes a section on telecommuter health insurance, achieving financial freedom and promoting items for money. More home office links including home office supplies and free coupons.

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