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Home Business Resources 03

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Checklist on How to Start a Home-Based Business
If you plan to be a home-based business owner, you should follow certain laws and regulations. In this article at Entrepreneur.com, you will find a helpful checklist on the legal steps. This includes the different forms of home-based businesses and the basics of getting a business license. There is also a guide on how to know if you are required to obtain an occupation license, as well as a resource about sales tax. The latter part of the article offers some tips on how you can protect your business name, and other legal matters.

Tips for a Home Office
From hometime.com comes this site that offers tips and advice for the home office, including lighting, phone lines, storage, privacy, and equipment layout. Tips for wiring for equipment and phone lines are included, as well as lists of home office publications and important tax information for people with a home office. There is also a home office video available for purchase.

Light Up Your Home Office
If you are going to be operating a business from your home turf, don't discount the value of having proper lighting in place. Find out whether you can incorporate existing lighting into the plan or if you should consider a complete redesign. The importance of adding task lighting is covered, along with suggestions for using accent lighting effectively. Variations in the color of lighting can create an attractive effect. Different types of lamps provide different shades and colors of light. Incandescent lamps have a lot of yellow, while halogen is more bluish white, and mixing different types can achieve specific desirable effects. Another factor is that you'll likely be spending a lot of time working in front of a computer, and if the area around the monitor is not well lit, the contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness of the room will create eye strain.

Check Out Business Mail 101 Before Investing in Bulk Mailing Software
Resist the urge to invest in bulk mail software until you check out the Business Mail 101 site from the United States Postal Service. From what you need to get started, through choosing the right class of mail and the right way to address it, this site has it all. Not sure whether a mass mailing is right for you? Get the information you need to make the right decision for your business here.

Home Business Magazine Offers Tips and Advice for Entrepreneurs
Whether you are operating a start-up or have been operating a home business for some time, check out the helpful articles posted on this informative web site. Home Business Magazine offers tips for new business owners, suggestions for marketing your business and increasing sales. If it matters to home business owners, you will find it posted here.

Home Office Resources on WorkingNaked.com
This collection of resources by WorkingNaked.com is designed to help you improve your business and to feel cool working from a home office (Working form a home office never felt so good is their slogan). Resources are listed by category (some reflecting the brand name, e.g., All Dressed Up, Bare Essentials, Shop Naked), to make it easier to find the right book, organization or business for you. Links include home office books, home office books for parents, telecommuting books, small business support websites and online publications to aid home office workers. Home office tips, a question and answer section and more home office resources are included.

Decorating a Workspace
This site offers a lot of information for workplace decorating. Includes tips such as choosing a theme for your workplace, choosing a wall calendar, finding a mouse pad to go with the theme, purchasing decorative stationery, decorating with family photos, choosing a screensaver. Start with the walls that surround your home office. A couple of nice inspiring posters are all you need. If you're looking to save a little money, try shopping online. Don't forget to add your flowers and candles or your cherished pictures. Make it a comfortable and appealing space as well as a space for work. That will improve dramatically the quality of your work, and all of a sudden you'll feel great about yourself! Remember, home office decorating doesn't have to be expensive. Just follow your taste.

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