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Home Business Distractions and Solutions
This is an article about balancing home and work, including the challenges of a home-based business. Tips include separating the office from the home, instead of working in the den or living room. Home office distractions can be minimized by separating the office from the home, simply by setting up a separate room as an office. Creating separate working hours benefits clients by giving them a set time frame to contact you at your home office. Home-based-workers can avoid becoming workaholics by sticking to the hours and taking breaks when necessary. The last tip is to install a separate home office telephone line so work does not interfere with home activities.

Everything You Should Know Before Starting a Home-Based Business
Starting a home-based business can be daunting, especially if you don't know where to start. But in this article by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), you will not only learn the steps you should do, there are also questions to ask yourself even before you start. In addition, there is a separate article about the pros and cons of home-based businesses. There is also a guide if you decide to venture in a home-based franchise, along with some tips on how to market your business. The SBA also discussed some important points on taxation in home-based businesses.

Save Money on Postal Rates with Bulk Mailing Software
Bulk mail rates help companies keep distribution rates down. Find out how to get started with mass mailing functions by checking out this informative site. You will discover what types of mailers are considered "Standard Class" and how to save on bulk rates. Using bulk mail software is one way to save, since it is one of the steps involved in sorting your bulk mail items yourself.

Home Office Makeovers
Home office makeovers with photos show the following types of home office designs you can have: woodsy warm office, skateboard business home office, sewing room makeover, college style home office, cozy condo, home office details, tranquil music room and retreat, wall-mounted desk storage, vintage furnishings, old west office, seaside home office, painter's studio, home office hideaways, basement remodeling, den differences, kitchen offices, retro offices, home office suite, entertainment office system and more. Includes sections on home office ergonomics, women's workspaces, laundry rooms, funky computer décor, moon and stars bedroom and home office makeovers.

Maine Business Owners Get Advice They Can Use
If you are starting a home business in Maine, look to this state's Business Answers web site for information you can use. Whether you need to know more about licensing for different types of business ventures, have questions about starting your business or just need to know how to do something, check out the helpful information provided here.

Be Your Own Boss
Entrepreneur.com is a site for people who want to be in business for themselves. Learn if you have what it takes to start, run, and grown your own home-based business. Start by clicking on BIZ 101. Here you will find dozens of masterful articles on subjects ranging from how to attract new clients while still keeping existing customers happy, how to accurately project start-up costs for a new enterprise, the art of creating a buzz around your new business, and lots more. But don't stop there. Click on BE YOUR OWN BOSS and get tons of ideas from starting a new business to ways of conducting market research for free. This site is filled with articles on every aspect of being your own boss, creating your business plan, organizing your office and advice on practically every other aspect of being a home entrepreneur.

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