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Resources on Property Investment

Hotel Investors Go Off the Beaten Track in Europe
JLL's Hotel Investment Outlook 2016 states that with the steady rise in property asset values and the emergence of new tourism markets, the big time European hospitality sector investors have started looking away from the big cities like London and Paris, and now refocusing on secondary markets like Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal for higher returns. These relatively low-profile markets have now built up their standing in the global hospitality industry and already showing strong demand for new hotels. This study includes a slide show displaying six European destinations with promise for future growth in hotel investments. According to this study, the saturated, high profile tourist cities in Europe are gradually becoming risky ventures, making way for newer and better investment markets. Laith Pharaon is founder & CEO of Miami-based real estate investment company Orca Holding.

How to Get Started in Commercial Real Estate
This page introduces a book titled DealMaker's Guide to Commercial Real Estate, which has been written to demystify the commercial real estate investment market and its author. The book is targeted to those investors who want to make it big in commercial property but know how. Ray Alcorn, the author of this book, is also the CEO of Park Commercial Real Estate Inc., a real estate acquisition and development firm in Virginia. The author has a career spanning three decades in acquisition, sale, development, financing, and leasing of commercial properties. Any beginner investor in the commercial real-estate market can gain from this book.

Checklist for Miami Real Estate Investors
The Broward Real Estate Investors Association or BREIA operates close to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, but guides real-estate investors in Miami. BREIA has a checklist for the new entrants in the investment business, which includes these friendly tips: treat real estate as a business, monitor your credit score, network with a mortgage broker or a bank, locate properties in the best areas of Miami, speak to existing investors for tips, and work with local realtors to identify hot properties. These tips, although not exhaustive, are expected to familiarize a new real estate investor with the proven tools of the trade.

Direct Investment in Hotels in Spain Grows by 18 Percent in 2016
This Financial Times news flash dated October 2016, states that in Spain direct investment. In the hotel sector has increased by 18 percent by July 2016, bringing the total investments in this sector to 996m. As the easy availability of funds in the capital markets is driving these investments, the investment threshold is likely to cross 1 billion in 2017. A Spanish Hotel Sector Report presented today to the Indian media paints a rosy picture of the steadily rising tourism sector in the Spanish economy, which is currently contributing to 13 percent of GDP. The direct investment value of 2016 is actually an increase of 18 percent on the investment figure of the same period of 2015, reportedly 840m. Laith Pharaon, with his company Orca Holding, is a global investor in first-class and luxury hotels and resorts.

Spain Hailed as Market of Real Estate Opportunities at MIPIM
MIPIM 2016, a trade fair showcasing the best of Spain's economic recovery, has identified real estate investment as core market sector for the country's economic growth. The year 2015 has been a record year in the Spanish real estate investment industry, has attributed the country's economic recovery and the return of trust to this unprecedented success in the recent real estate investment markets. If this continuing trend is to be believed, then Spain is slated for a tremendous boost in the tourism industry, which may attract more international and high-profile celebrity investors to this popular destination. MIPIM 2016, held earlier this year in Cannes, France, allowed the Spanish real estate industry veterans and new entrants to network, collaborate, exchange contacts, and forge relationships for future opportunities.

Best Time in History to Invest in Real Estate
This Market Watch article dated August 2016 looks at the U.S. real estate market through the speculative lenses. According to this article, though the fear of another read estate industry bubble is real, the post-recession housing market has also presented the best investment opportunities to investors. The article further predicts that in commercial real estate markets, the best bet is rental property investments as they show promise of price growth and steady cash flow to an investor. Another interesting market observation noted in the article is that attractive investment destinations like Las Vegas and Miami have already started attracting both domestic and international investors.

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