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Resources on Senior Health (02)

Senior Care: Tips for Fall Prevention
As many elders age, their bones become brittle and are susceptible to breaks and fractures. Thatís why taking calcium supplements or eating calcium-rich foods isnít enough. There are some tips seniors can take to prevent falls. This article explains them, which includes: designing a safe home environment that reduce risks, getting quality medical care including vision checkups, installing railings in your home in areas needed, installing bright lighting, and more.

Senior Journal: Elder News Online
Stay updated daily with the Senior Journal, which provides information everyday on the latest in elder-related health topics. Get information for baby boomers and senior citizens alike about all of the latest elder-related news, from health care to public policy. Topics include aging, Alzheimerís disease, dementia, elderly fitness, senior medical research, osteoporosis, senior living, assisted living options, home health care, Medicare, Medicaid and much more. A question-and-answer section provides answers to all of your burning Medicare questions. Best thing about this site is that it is updated on a daily basis, so youíll always find new senior health and wellness news at the click of your mouse.

TimeSlips: Memory Loss Made Imaginative
TimeSlips works with seniors to develop a ritual so people with memory loss can learn about their lives through the subconscious or implicit memory. It is based on shifting emphasis from memory to opening the imagination. Elders who have issues with communication can experiment with sounds, gestures, word fragments and sentences. It is geared towards those in the mid- to late stage of memory loss. Itís a group process that includes certified facilitators. Itís ideal for assisted living facilities to learn about. This inventive program inspires seniors to enjoy their lives and for others to see beyond the memory loss and see the strengths of those with dementia and improve the quality of life for those with dementia, and those who care for them.

Aging and Driving Safety
Aging affects oneís ability to drive in different ways. Age means reduced vision, especially at night, difficulty judging distance and speed, limited movement, slower reaction time, difficulty focusing, becoming easily distracted, taking more time to understand sights and sounds, and more use of prescription drugs, which can impair driving ability. This article gives a safe driving plan for senior citizens that they use to stay safe on the road and evaluate their driving skills. Warning signs to help elders decide when to stop driving are included, as is a list of transportation alternatives.

Visit the site for more resources: BetterSeniorHealth.com

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