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Resources on Children's Health (02)

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids
Yoga, according to yoga teacher Alexandra De Collibus, aims to pursue inner harmony by uniting the body, the mind, and the spirit. Yoga is said to have many benefits, and these benefits are not only for adult practitioners. Because yoga is a low-impact activity, it can be done by individuals in any age - including kids, who also benefit from the many positive effects yoga brings. One of the many benefits of yoga is enhanced flexibility. The different yoga poses allow kids to become more aware of how their bodies work. Yoga also learns not just physical balance, but mental balance as well.

Diagnosing Lactose Intolerance in Children: How to Know
Lactose intolerance occurs when a person cannot digest lactose. It's a sugar found in milk and other diary products. People who are lactose intolerant don't create enough lactase, a natural enzyme in the intestine that digests lactose. According to this article in HealthyChildren.org, many parents confuse lactose intolerance and milk allergy; although they share many symptoms, they're complete different conditions. The former is a digestive problem, while the latter concerns the immune system. Symptoms of lactose intolerance include stomach cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea and nausea, usually 30 minutes to atwo hours after eating or drinking foods containing lactose. This article explains a strategy to tell if your child has a problem digesting lactose.

National Center Dedicated to Child Nutrition
The National Food Serice Management Institute (NFSMI), part of the School of Applied Science at The University of Mississippi, is the only federally funded national center dedicated to applied research, education and training, and technical assistance for child nutrition programs. As you'd expect, the website has all kinds of information on child nutrition. They offer online trainining and continuing education for child nutrition program personnel at all levels. There are school nutrition programs. And there are all kinds of fact sheets, posters, newsletters, menus, webinars and other resources for child care concerning food. There is a resource center and a child nutrition archives, with photograph and manuscript collections, as well as poster and other online exhibitions. The site also has an interactive timeline on how child nutrition programs have progressed through the decades in the U.S.

Could Your Baby Have Lactose Intolerance?
Although it is common for adults and children over four or five to be somewhat intolerant of milk because of the lactose content, most babies are not affected by this popular condition. Still, parents should be aware of kids and how they react to dairy products. If they get loose stools and stomach pains after drinking milk, you should consult a doctor. And if your breastfed baby is unsettled with lots of watery or frothy stools, you should also check with your doctor to see if the child may have a milk allergy or lactose intolerance.

Dental Health in Children: What you Should Know
Because child dental care is vital, itís good to know what conditions face your child. This site brings you health information and statistics regarding your kidís dental care. A section on prevention and screening is included, which gives parents tips on how to brush their kidís teeth, how to get your child for a dentist, and if your child needs fluoride. Sealants, which are popular in preventing tooth decay and cavities in kids, are also discussed in separate links. Other sections offer pictures and diagrams, as well as information on treatment, dental conditions and overviews of dental conditions.

Visit the site for more resources: ForHealthierKids.com

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