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Resources on Children's Health (01)

Chiropractic Care for Children: What Parents Should Know
This article at DynamicChiropractic.com by Peter Fysh, DC focuses on what parents of young children should now about chiropractic care. According to Dr. Fysh, a child's spine usually develops completely by the end of pregnancy, and that spinal problems starts after the baby was born. Some examples include a fall from a bed or a sudden stop in a vehicle, adding that parents might not notice at once, not after the child was brought to a chiropractor. On the last part, Dr. Fysh emphasized that there is an extremely rare risk that a child would suffer from permanent injury because of spinal manipulation.

Complete Teen Health: One Issue at a Time
This site has plenty of links to help you get expert advice on keeping your kids healthy, and how to care for them when they are sick. Topics include eating proper foods, teen health, sports and fitness for kids and teens, asthma attacks, diabetes, signs of eye problems, caffeine, smoking, drugs and alcohol, caring for infants, battling colds, and when to determine if your child should stay home. A wealth of information is here to help you keep your kids healthy.

Selecting & Training a Puppy Dog When You Have Children
This site features an interesting outlook to choosing dogs and puppies, and teaches dog-owners to take into account the age of the children in the household while making the choice. The site also features handy suggestions on other resources that provide pointers on parenting and training dogs, or finding a trainer. One of the sections that the site featured had interesting bits on the ideal pet dog etiquette in parks and on interpreting their body language. The site not only offers the users options to pick dog trainers by the locality but also tips on how to go about choosing one.

An Excellent Resource for Chiropractor Questions and Answers
Searching for answers to your chiropractic questions is made easy at BackCare.org.uk—use the site's search function, and you'll be connected to dozens of articles on this form of alternative treatment for back pain and other related ailments. It's an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about chiropractic care—you'll find articles detailing its impact on children's back pain, how your choice of footwear relates to back pain, the differences between chiropractic and osteopathy and more. The main site also includes a regularly updated blog with the latest in back care news, along with tips and tricks.

Eating Well in School Lunchrooms and at Home Key to Kids' Health
This informative article points out that good health for kids starts with parents educating themselves about what healthy eating for kids means. Parents also need to help children understand that they should be focusing on eating well, not whether what they are eating measures up to what their friends at the school cafeteria table have on their plate.


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