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Texas Runner & Triathlete
Triathletes who specialize in running will enjoy this publication that offers useful articles, an events calendar and triathlon product reviews. There are reviews of racing apparel and tips on how to improve your face. Regional and national running news is included, as are training tips for running. A forum for runners is also available, as well as listings of events and local running clubs.

Triathlon Basics and History of Running, Swimming and Biking Together
Learn the basics about triathlon, including a little history about the sport. Triathlon is a long-distance athletic contest of skill, endurance, timing and strategy. The sport is a test of an athlete's motivation, hard work, discipline, mental agility and willingness to push themselves. Triathlon includes three events—swimming, bicycling and running. The history of the triathlon can be traced to the San Diego Track Club in the early 1970s. The triathlon was seen as an alternative to rigorous track training.

Ironman History and Origins
If you have ever wondered how the ironman races came to be, this site can tell you. With a year-by-year account of how ironman was born, it starts in 1978 when athletes started debating if runners, swimmers or other athletes were more fit. It was proposed to combine running, swimming and biking into one race at that time. This led to the first ironman, Gordon Haller, one of 15 men to participate in the first ironman event.

Triathlon Bicycles and Products
Site includes information about ideal specs. Writers sum up triathlon races and specs about triathlon bicycles, triathlon races, products, race results, and more. An interview section features articles about triathletes, while product reviews include information about triathlon bikes, triathlon equipment, triathlon wetsuits, triathlon components, triathlon saddles, and other triathlon equipment. More features and a forum are included so users can talk with other triathletes.

Triathlete is the website for the print magazine of the same name and is devoted to the triathletes of the world. Updated with feature stories about triathletes, as well as a race report, this website also features reviews of triathlon gear, such as bike pedals and apparel, and nutrition. A forum is available for triathletes to communicate, as well as other informative articles about being a better triathlete.

Triathlon Training: Running, Swimming and Cycling
This website has useful training information, as well as a free newsletter with triathlon training tips. Articles cover triathlon training and racing, swimming, running, cycling, duathlon, aquathlon, nutrition, and more. These articles are updated once a month, and offer topics such as: power cycling training, altitude training, ironman training taper, maximizing training, triathlon nutrition, triathlon psychology, cramping and stitches, triathlon plyometrics, triathlon training and hypnonatremia.

Visit the site for more resources: Triathlon Now!

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