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Resources for Game Rooms & Gaming

Jukebox Information
This website is great for jukebox enthusiasts. There are four main manufacturers of Jukeboxes that you should be aware of, AMI, Rock-ola, Seeburg and Wurlitzer. Links include questions and answers about jukeboxes, jukebox identification, title strips, stroboscope, British jukebox owners, media references, United Kingdom jukebox dealers, finding a jukebox, restoring a jukebox and jukebox parts.

The History of Roulette
The history of roulette is not clear. It is known that Roman soldiers would sometimes tip a chariot on its side and spin one wheel, betting on where a mark on the wheel would stop. It is believed that French scientist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, the inventor of probability theory, may have built a fairly modern-looking roulette wheel in the mid 1600s while experimenting with perpetual motion. By 1796 roulette wheels almost identical with modern wheels appeared in Paris casinos. This site traces the fascinating history of the roulette wheel in some detail up to modern times. In addition to the history of the roulette wheel, this site has contains articles on Roulette Strategy, How to Play Roulette, Roulette Odds, and a grounding in the language used in Roulette.

Resources for Pool Table Lighting
A wealth of pool and billiard links, this site provides a spotlight on pool table lights, including vendors and how to purchase all varieties of pool table lights. Pool table lights are an add-on fixture that generally will hang about three feet above the table surface and shine light down on your game. Most pool table lighting fixtures will have three individual lights that hang from a chain and bar from the ceiling. Most pool table lights are normal lamp lights enclosed with acrylic shades and hung from a brass bar and two chains. If you are looking to put a pool table light in your game room, you may want to consider some of the personalized brand name pool table lights available. Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Budweiser, Jack Daniels and other related companies have produced logo bar and pool table lights that you can find online.

All About Poker
Gamble.co.uk provides many good information resources on pool. For beginners there are poker basics, such as how to play, hand rankings, a glosary of terms, game variations and basic strategy of 7 card stud. For more advanced players there is the Poker School, with information on probabilities, pre- and post-flop strategies, betting, the art of bluffing, and chip handling. There is information online poker, such as the best rooms, and poker equipment. One article discusses poker history. According to the article, the actual beginnings of poker are impossible to trace. We know for certain that a form of cheating poker, according to writer Jonathan Green, was played on Mississippi riverboats as early as 1834. This early version of poker, played with just 20 cards, was basically a form of Three Card Monte and was designed to separate players from their money as quickly as possible. Today, according to this site, poker is the most popular card game in the world, with poker tournaments taking place almost every night of the week somewhere in the world, according to this site. In addition to the fascinating history of poker, click on Poker Basics to be taken to articles covering such topics as How to Play the Game, some of the more common variations on the game, the ranking of hands, strategy for playing 7 card stud as well as a glossary of poker terms.

Blackjack Advantage Systems
This article describes various systems that blackjack players have used throughout the years to gain a supposed advantage over the house when playing blackjack at casinos. Various books like Winning Blackjack are discussed, as is the author's own obsession with blackjack advantage systems and the obsession of many statisticians in the statistics field. He discusses many systems, too complicated to describe here. It's a good read for blackjack enthusiasts looking to gain an edge. The author is a gambling instructor, and is essentially sorting through "the methods, the men, the myths, and the message" of blackjack advantage systems.

Visit the site for more resources: GameRoomResources.com

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