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Resources on Area Rugs & Flooring

Rug Cleaning and Caring Guidelines and Tips
This page at MohawkFlooring.com is only one of their 8-part Rug Guide section. Here, readers will learn the basic guidelines on how to clean rugs and the types of vacuum cleaners that would be ideal for use. There are also some specific recommendations in cleaning area and accent rugs, depending on the size. This includes those rugs with and without Latex Backing. However, the article reminds homeowners to always follow manufacturer's own recommendations specified on the product label. This is to avoid the rug to be damaged and to prevent warranty invalidation. Some of the topics included in the section are about knowing the right rug size, rug construction, and others.

Using Rugs to Decorate with Style
HGTV.com provides tips, videos and gorgeous photos to help you decorate your floors in great style with area rugs. In this feature on HGTV, six top designs share how they use rugs to transform their designs. There are 15 photos and two videos. Here are some examples: A family friendly design takes into account that children and pets will bring wear and tear to a rug, so you want to use a wool rugs that cleans easily has some pattern to hid inevitable signs of life, such as stains, shedding, hair and spills. One designer recommends making the size the area rug slightly smaller the area covered by the furniture, and prefers the front two legs of sofas and chairs be place on the rug. Another designer believes a good run can anchor the entire composition of a room; it can bring something unexpected. Don't be afraid to use a bold color or rich pattern, she says. Neutral walls and furnishing make it possible for a bold rug to take center stage. In this scenario, a rug can really help if you don't want to commit to a strong color on the furnishing or window treatments. Another designer says an area rug's shape will depend on the furniture and shape and size of the rooms. For example, in dining rooms, she recommends a rectangular rug with a long table, a hexagonal rug with a square table, and a round rug with a round table.

Flooring Projects on DIY Network.com
Here's just a small number of projects involving floors offered on the DIY Network.com: removing stains from a garage floor, lay garage floor tiles, modular garage floor tile, paint a garage floor, install a hardwood floor, caring for a hardwood floor, paint wood floors, refinish a floor, installing a floating engineered hardwood floor, install a radiant floor heating system, tile flooring options, ways to personalize tile flooring, install a tile floor, replacing floor tiles, researching before shopping for carpet, selecting the right carpet, how to judge carpet quality and durability, install wall-to-wall carpet yourself, an innovative glass floor, how to repair hardwood plank flooring, how to apply veneer, repair vinyl tile, choosing the right bathroom flooring, fixing bathroom floor tile, install a floating laminate kitchen floor, select outdoor kitchen flooring, essentials of kitchen flooring options, choosing laminate flooring, installing laminate flooring, stone, cork and bamboo green flooring, install bamboo flooring on a diagonal, install bamboo plank flooring, fix squeaky floors, prepare for flooring installation, and install flooring around a fireplace.

Collection of Tips About Carpets and More from ThisOldHouse.com
This page at ThisOldHouse.com has links to articles and videos about wall-to-wall carpets, stair runners, green flooring options, and similar items. One article by Charlotte Bernard has a slideshow of photos and tips on how to buy the right wall-to-wall carpets. This includes questions to ask before buying one and how to add or replace these carpets. A portion of this post explains the different types of fabric used in carpets, such as wool and nylon. Another article is about choosing the right oriental rugs. There are also articles containing tips on how to install, repair, and maintain these household items.

Visit the site for more resources: RugsAndFlooring.com

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