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Resources on Home Lighting

14 Outdoor Lighting Trends
Lighting is not just for a home’s interior. Outdoor lighting is important too because it illuminates the yard and enhances the curb appeal of the home. Homeowners who wish to improve the outward appearance of their home would benefit from the inspiration this article gives about outdoor lighting trends for 2018. Outdoor lighting suggestions include the use of Moroccan-style lights, subtle wall lights, solar-powered lights, LED path lights and step lights, motion-activated security lights, and traditional style glass lanterns. The article also offers tips on how to use these light options safely and how to save money when planning for outdoor lights.

Seasonal Depression and Light Therapy
This article discusses the pineal gland and biological clocks as well as the use of light to combat seasonal depression. Light exposure and light therapy is used regularly to treat sleep disorders and can also help the effects of jet lag and changes in shift work schedules. Depending on the light intensity, as little as half an hour each day causes the worst of the symptoms to pass, the author says. The mood lifts, and energy returns. Again, it is light through the eyes which matters. Some studies, but not all, show that patients with SAD have a less pronounced cycle of melatonin secretion than people without SAD, and light therapy appears to restore a normal pattern.

The Best Lighting for Every Room
Looking for a lighting design inspiration? Look no further. The Best Lighting for Every Room from Elle Decor serves as a one-stop shop for everything that concerns lighting for the home. The resource features articles containing lighting ideas, trends, tips and almost every lighting topic under the sun. Featured articles include creative ways to light up the bedroom, light fixtures for the dining room, modern lighting ideas, bathroom lighting ideas, lighting schemes for the kitchen, and even lamps and other fixtures for the modern and stylish office. The resource is a true haven for lighting designers and homemakers alike.

How Do I Know What Wattage And Voltage Light Bulb I Need?
Not all bulbs are created equal. Even though we use light bulbs daily, not a lot of us really pay attention to their characteristics, such as voltage, wattage, base, bulb shape, type, lumens, color temperature, and life. These are important properties that do not just ensure that the bulb works properly; they are also crucial to the experience of using a certain light bulb. How do you know which light bulb to use for certain applications? This article by BulbAmerica explains each of the characteristics listed above and provides help in choosing the light bulb that is right for your needs.

Transform Your Home Using the Secrets of Good Lighting
This article at Freshome.com was written by Stacey Sheppard, and is an exclusive interview with Lucy Martin, a Design Director at John Cullen Lighting. First, Ms. Martin explains the difference between natural light and artificial light. She then cited some important factors to be considered when it comes to providing adequate lights in residential homes. Stacey also discussed the importance of the effect of reflection and shadow, and how to control the level over the lights. Later, she gave some tips on how to provide good lightings at home. She emphasized that lights at home is as important as its structure.

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