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Ideas for Better Bathrooms

Eleven Bathroom Renovation Tips About.com
Making a bathroom homey will not only add to your family's enjoyment of the bathroom, but if done properly a tasteful remodel of the bathroom can also add to the value of your home should you even decide to sell. Here are 11 tips for your bathroom renovation project on About.com. Here they are: for an older look, consider built-ins such as recessed soap dishes and medicine cabinets; wood floor is not practical by they add great character; use a white to cream color palette to make a small bathroom look larger; understand the importance of lighting and add maybe add sconces around the bathroom mirror; maybe add a dimmer switch to add mood, such as for a late-night bath; use white or cream colored fixtures (toilet, bathtub) because other colors could look dates in a few years; consider a deocrative chair or cupboard as a design element if space permits; have plenty of hoods to hang things; don't position a toilet to face the door (it's bad feng shui); think of mirrors as design elements, so possibly add additional mirrors; and consider a beadboard to create an atnique look and to protect the lower section of walls from splashes.

15 Attractive Bathroom Tiles Designs
This article by Floriza at HomeDesignLover.com features photos of 15 elegant and popular designs of bathroom tiles. She explained that there are many different tiles that are now being used in modern designs of bathrooms. She also noted that natural stone is known to be very sensitive to moisture, but many homeowners choose ceramic tiles for their bathroom flooring because they are durable. Among the bathrooms tiles featured here are those with floral pattern; black and white; stripe tile design; mosaic tiles design; and the traditional design. Each bathroom has attractive colors that are more emphasized by using appropriate lighting.

Adding Bath Accessories
Learn how to install towel racks, soap dishes, toilet paper holders and handgrips. Site gives simple step-by-step directions explaining the use of bathroom adhesives and toggle bolts on lath-and-plaster walls. Site offers insider tips to help people tackle bathroom enhancements. A list of bathroom hardware installation tools is provided to assist people with do-it-yourself bathroom projects.

Good Things for the Bathroom
The Bedroom and Bathroom Decorating section of MarthaStewart.com offers a lot of ideas for the bathroom. For example, learn about how to make color-coded towel tags so your family and guests don't confuse their wipe towels. Of course, Martha Stewart always shows you how to do something, so these articles tell you the tools and materials you need, as well as step-by-step instructions. Another "good thing: for the bathroom is organizers, such as medicine cabinets, draw dividers, towel bars, a terry-cloth caddy, towel ladder, uniform plastic bottles, bathroom cubbyhole shelves, magnet organizers, toiletry organizer, sliding trays, planter shelves and more. There's also features on Clean, Green Bathrooms and Our Favorite Bathrooms.

Wide Collection of Modern Bathroom Designs
This page at Home-Designing.com contains tons of blog posts showing photos of different modern, luxurious bathroom designs. Each bathroom has a unique touch of superb colors and is very rich in architectural design. Some articles focus on bathroom amenities such as spa and shower. One of them features a huge selection of extraordinary sinks that are not usually seen in average homes. There is also a dedicated post that features the stunning bathrooms by well-known interior designers. Another post shows bathroom styles from different parts of the world, including Greece, China, Russia, Italy, and the USA.

Refinish an Old Bathroom Rather Than Replace
TrustedPros has an article that shows you how to save money by repairing and refinishing, rather than replaces, old bath tubs and bathroom fixtures. Replacing old fixtures like the tub, sink and tile can be expensive and difficult. But refinishing options are available to homeowners on a budget, and deliver striking results at a fraction of the cost. If the surfaces are made of porcelain, ceramic tile, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble or laminate, you can now update your bathroom and save time and money. Discusses refinishing existing bathroom fixtures and appliances, which can be customized with color. When looking for the right refinisher for your bathroom-remodeling project, remember to do a little research.

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