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Resources on Home Gardening (02)

Gardening Tips & Tricks for Every Season
This section on the site Irish Country Living is by top gardeners Gerry Daly and Lily Champ, who share their advice for flower and vegetable care. It's a great online gardening resource to get up to date on gardening news, or try out seasonal tasks. There is also a video and audio section providing the latest from Farmers Journal TV.This simple site packs in a lot of information in an easy-to-use format. Log on and start your garden education.

Institute for Simplified Hydroponics
Based in Oregon, The Institute for Simplified Hydroponics is a 501-C(3) non-profit corporation and international non-government organization (NGO) founded in 1995. The group is committed to long-term sustainable development projects and our relationships with sponsors, contributors and collaborators. Countless dedicated grassroots volunteers provide educational materials and supplies, support mentoring programs for teaching simplified hydroponics. The organization's mission is to provide support for those people who are most in need. The institute estimates that there are 200 million families that could benefit from home gardens based on simplified hydroponics.

Garden Tips from Garden Gate Magazine
Garden Gate Magazine provides a whole host of gardening tips from design to maintenance to project ideas. What do know how to build a heavy-duty tomato cage? Been meaning to winterize your container plants? Want to know the best way to care for house plants? Need to hide vertical faucets with planters? This site has all the answers. The site also has forums where participants can discuss various gardening issues, such as pests, weeds, plants, edibles, design, and more.

Hydroponic Systems Basics
What follows on this website is a hydroponics primer covering the basics of the systems and methods commonly used. Our hope is to give enough information to start evaluating the different systems and choosing the right one for you. This website discusses the types of hydroponic systems available. Media-based systems and water culture systems are included. The specifics about different systems and techniques are also included, as in nutrient film drip watering systems, ebb and flow systems, cloning machines and aeroponics.

How to Start a New Garden
This lush gardening site on TheSpruce.com contains a lot of information on how to create a wonderful garden. Menu items include, creating a garden, know your soil, create deep fertile loam, and a section on knowing where the sun shines. This site is here to help gardeners create the "ideal vision" of their garden. The site hopes to provide inspiration and information to future gardeners.

Visit the site for more resources: ForBetterGardening.com

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