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MustardPlaster Garden Blog
MustardPlaster is a log of the planting activities of a certain Miss Hathorn, who has chosen to remain anonymous. The blog records the authorís crops, her harvests, and pretty much every notable thing that happens in her garden. The blog, which contains entries from as early as October 2006, can be a rich source of gardening ideas and tips. It also makes for an entertaining read, as the blog entries are written in a simple way that the reader feels like he is talking to a friend. Topics discussed in the blog include root vegetables, tubers, shrubbery, seeds, the weather, and many more.

Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects
This website will tell you the best plants to grown in your garden, what your plants need to be fed and tips on how to keep those pests away. A special feature is run each month on topics like secret gardens or laying a brick walkway or patio. Other garden sections include, wildlife issues, garden maintenance, ponds and water gardens, green houses, fences, and scrubs and trees. Complete projects are described, how-tos are given and tips and tricks are provide on this site.

The Garden Watchdog Directory of Mail Order Gardening Companies
Gardening is no easy feat, especially for those who are just beginning to get into the hobby. "Where do I buy gardening supplies?" is perhaps one of the first question someone who wants to begin a garden would ask. Of course, a simple Google search can do the trick, but that does not guarantee the best gardening paraphernalia supplier. Fortunately, one can refer to The Garden Watchdog, which gathers together the information of almost 8,000 mail order gardening companies. Whatís great about this directory is that it also shows the positive, negative, and neutral reviews of the gardening companies, as well as information on the kind of plants or gardening supplies each company specializes in.

Al's Gardening Guide
Welcome to Al&s Gardening Guide, full of gardening tips and advice and an excellent guide for the novice gardener. There are sections on lawn, shrubbery and garden design. Al provides a calendar that describes the types of gardening you should do during each month. For instance, February is a good time to prune fruit trees. Al also provides some landscaping hints, such as suggesting that a container of potted annuals or perennials can enhance your garden.


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